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parallel to that overlap of the Monroe Doctrine
and the European motherlands which already
exists in practice in the case of Canada, nor will
I expatiate upon the manifold possibilities of a
sincere application of the Declaration of the
Rights of Man to India and Africa—and particu-
larly to those parts of the world in which more
or less black peoples are awakening to the realities
of racial discrimination and oppression.
I will utter a passing warning against any
Machiavellian treatment of the problem of
Northern and Eastern Asia, into which the British
may be led by their constitutional Russophobia.
The Soviet collectivism, especially if presently it
becomes liberalised and more efficient through
a recovery from its present obsession by Stalin,
may spread very effectively across Central Asia
and China. To anyone nourished mentally
upon the ideas of an unending competition of
Powers for ascendancy for ever and ever, an
alliance with Japan, as truculent and militarised
a Japan as possible, will seem the most natural
response in the world. But to anyone who has
grasped the reality, of the present situation of
mankind and the urgent desirableness of world
collectivisation, this immense unification will be
something to welcome, criticise and assist.
The old bugbear of Russia's " designs upon